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About The Lions Ground Entertainment Group.

About Lions Ground

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group is an international online investigation Tv network, founded in 2000 by mr. Heathcliff. Investigating the most diverse cases, such as The Illuminati, Government Secrets and the Paranormal.

Do not misunderstand. We do not promote the Illuminati but the contrary. Lions Ground is the Anti Illuminati. You will be 1st informed about their movements. With the aim to find out who the leader of the Illuminati is and how to illuminate the danger of humanity.

Did you know that there are nine known alien species, and did you know that one of them (Grey Aliens) are already on earth? Dirty state secrets such as mixing human DNA with alien DNA in exchange for technology. Don’t you think it’s strange that we achieved in less than 100 years of riding horses to flying stealth aircraft? This and many state secrets only at Lions Ground.

If you believe in it or not there is more between heaven and earth. We investigate paranormal stories, we distinguish the real with the fake.

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The star with the half moon is quickly associated with the emblem of Turkey. But this is incorrect, the star and the moon in the Turkish symbol is in fact rotated. The symbol or logo of the Lions Ground is composed of two symbols. Explanation down below:

  1. Star crescent moon symbol
  2. The Arc symbol
Symbol Archangel Gabriel

Symbol Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel’s symbol consists a crescent moon with a small star above it. Another symbol of the archangel is the Arc symbol.

Who is Gabriel?

The name Gabriel literally means God‘s hero an extraordinarily special messenger of God. On several occasions in the Bible he is given the job of coming to earth to give important announcements and tell of special events. For example telling Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus, the king of the universe!


These symbols appeared in visions for months(sometimes daily). Coupled with terrible images of a burning world, people screaming and blood-red sky. Then everything was illuminated by a white bright light. Flickering images of the symbols and then suddenly a peaceful male voice said: “Pull your sword light worker”. A local church explained this is what Archangel Michael always say to call to his legions to fight for the light.

So that’s why the symbols are merged as one, as the official weapon(logo) of the Lions Ground. But it is still a big mystery the symbols of Gabriel are included in the visions with the voice of Michael?



Audience & Testimonial

  • I've subscribed, looking forward to more knowledge from you.
    Мусе Тарекегн - Youtuber
  • Hahahaha. this video was great Heathcliff..:-) I don't know much about illuminati, but I do know that I don't like Beyonce, Britney nor Rihanna...I like heavy metal, so I'm probably satanist in denial :-DDD
    SavaVIIEmperor - Youtuber and Loyal viewer
  • This is awesome thanks for the great videos
    Lemon Squeezy Crafts - Youtuber
    Lemon Squeezy Crafts
  • fuck! well looks like I have to go and spy her ! thanks man great video!
    Vic Vicos - Youtuber
    Vic Vicos


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